Service(s): Site Inspections

CDM Duty Holder: Client

Location: Leicester – Millington

TORNEY Ltd have recently been contracted by Saint-Gobain to undertake site inspections on numerous large scale demolition, new build, refit and refurbishment projects throughout the country. Also to review contractors compliance with regs 12-14 of CDM as well as all other relevant H&S legislation applicable to the project.The project at JEWSON Millington involved an extensive licensed asbestos removal across a multiple storey storage warehouse and workshop followed by a full structural demolition of the same. The building was partly connected to a trading area of the JEWSON branch and also required modified traffic management to minimise the risk to third parties.
The final phase of the project involved drainage and ground works followed by resurfacing. The HSE visited the site on more than one occasion and were complimentary about the safe systems of work.